So. I guess my family knows me really well. LOLOL.


So… it’s been hard keeping up with this challenge T______T mostly because the internet was down for like five days. LOL. 


Day 92. 4/2.

I had an interview for a job… and I got it. LOL. IT’S NOT WHAT YOU THINK. But I’ve never been so happy to work anywhere. 


Day 91. 4/1.

Happy April Fool’s Day!


Day 90. 3/31.

Today I went to Spinny Park! And Moon Park I believe. :D It was so tiring…


Day 89. 3/30.

So like. Spent a lot of the day watching Vampire Diaries with my sisters.

There was this one scene that made us all laugh so hard… LOL. :)


Day 88. 3/29.

Pretty chill day. Finally got around to finish cleaning my room and did all my laundry. It was a lot. LOL. 


Da 87. 3/28.

Spent time with family. Went to Boiling Point. Then hung out with some friendssss.

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